Daily Work Wear Studio: Smart Casual

Working in a studio means sometimes I like to do smart casual. I appreciate that for those of you in corporate and office based roles that this may be annoying! Sorry.

Grey suit jacket, silk blouse, skinny jeans
Grey jacket, black skinny jeans and flame coloured blouse

Maybe you could replace the skinny black jeans with some slim cut trousers if the skinny jeans look is too casual. I like to wear my skinny jeans with heels to elongate my legs!

Casual smart orange blouse and grey suit jacket silk blouse, suit jacket and jeans: casual smart Silk blouse and skinny jeansSmart grey suit jacket and bright orange silk blouse

Smooth it over

Smooth it over
T-Shirt Bra

Every woman should own a great fitting t-shirt bra. It’s such a versatile piece of lingerie. Obviously they work well under t-shirts (thus the name) but they also look great under shirts and smooth fitting dresses.
Basically any tops/dresses that have a lot of coverage but require smooth and seam free lingerie underneath – you can trust a t-shirt bra will do the job.
Choose a skin tone option as this will extend the variety of tops and dresses that you can wear it under!

The bra featured in the picture above is the Charnos Superfit comfort bra.

The dress is from my Riviera Collection. Take a look at this coral dress here.

Top Ten Facts About Your New Silk Dress

Top Ten Facts about Your New Silk Dress

Fact 1. Silk stretches to 20% of it’s length without breaking.

So, your dress won’t go out of shape and get some strange kinks where your bend your knees!

Fact 3. Silk has a triangular prism type structure. Light coming from different angles is refracted off.

This gives your silk dress a beautiful natural shimmery sheen.

Fact 4. Silk is a low density fibre.

Which means a silk garment is lightweight.

Fact 5. The low density of the fibre also means it is highly absorbent.

This absorbancy makes the dress very comfortable in the summer, keeping you cool.

Fact 6. Silk can absorb as much as a third of its own weight in moisture and not feel damp.

So in stressful moments when you sweat alot you will find the dress still comfortable.

Fact 7. Silk is a poor conductor of electricity. It will keep warm air close to the body.

This means your dress will keep you warm in the winter.

Fact 8. The smooth soft silk fibres and sericin that binds the fibres together are supposed soothe your skin.

If you find your skin dry and itchy – silks smooth qualities may be comfortable to wear.

Fact 9. Silk has the same tensile strength as steel. But only when dry

So your silk dress is tougher than you think but be gentle with it when it’s wet!

Fact 10. The sticky substance called sericin stays with the silk after processing.

This means your dress has a natural resistance against dust mites, fungas and mold!


Facts sourced from various sources:


Silk Body Online

Silk Comforter


The Clothing Sale Continues…..

Jo Jo Dress, mid length sleeve, navy

At Kerry O’Brine Womens Wear we have been in sale for a week with up to 35% discount off prices. We do still have some items left. The sale prices are a great opportunity to get your hands on some British made designer pieces.

My Top Four Fashion Sale Picks Are:

1. Jo Jo Dress: We have this dress in a medium (size 10-12) in navy. Navy is a great universally flattering colour and better than black for maturing skin tones!

The perfect mid-length sleeve and flattering high cowl neck; we are not sure why this is still left!! Was £300 Now £210

Lana Dress, Large, Navy, Long Sleeved

2. Lana Dress: This large size (14-16) dress is perfect for a curvy lady! The wrap dress style is flattering for most figures and the double layered neck line is designed for higher coverage. The long sleeves will take you through to Autumn. Just add 60 denier black tights and black court shoes for a great Autumnal transformation.

Grace Blouse in Ivory

3. Grace Blouse: This very popular silk blouse is such a versatile piece. Great worn with trousers or a skirt for a smart work outfit OR pair with some skinny jeans or casual skirt for laid-back luxury!

We have two left in the classic ivory colour – small and large!

Rosa blouse in blue

4. Rosa Blouse: Rosa is a slimmer cut version of the Grace blouse style with mid-length sleeves and turn back cuffs.  I love this blue color. I think it looks like a Mediterranean sky blue but others think it has a greeny hue about it. Either way, it’s perfect for the summer. We only have one medium left in the sale!


Don’t forget we still have free delivery and returns on all orders over £100.

What time is it? Time to Win!!!

You are a winner? Well, at least you might be!
Enter my competition to win an ivory silk blouse from www.kerryobrine.co.uk
Here is what you need to do –
Follow this link to the timeline update and like our Facebook page:

and then sign up for our newsletters

Easy, done, sorted.

You have until midnight BST on 30th April 2014 to enter. Then a name will be drawn out of a hat and one lucky winner will be notified on 1st May 2014.

Only one entry per email address. Entrants are welcomed across the globe and will be notified via email. By entering into our competition you agree to participate in us publishing your name as the winner on facebook.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to Kerry O’Brine Womens Wear and not to Facebook. By participating in this promotion you agree to a complete release of Facebook from any claims. Participation in this promotion is subject to the official rules.

facebook comp

Rocked my orange silk blouse today!

Today I’ve been working hard in the studio (although the sun was shining outside). I decided to slip on my orange silk top with my jeans. It turned out to be a great choice for the weather. It has made me think about extending the range of silk top shapes and also make some in more colours!

Here I am…..drinking tea and thinking hard!!
Replying to some emails on my Ipad


Feeling a bit Bamboozled

Bamboo versus Silk

I have been going back and forth in my mind as to whether to use a bamboo jersey or silk jersey for some clothing I am working on. As with everything there are pros and cons to both. Aesthetically I am yet to find a bamboo or other ‘environmentally friendly’ fabric that can truly surpass silk. If I don’t love a fabric I don’t want to use it for my collections. I am torn, as I don’t want to produce products that are harmful to the environment. I recently came across this blog entry:


I think you’ll find it as interesting as I did. It seems an unbiased look into the pros and cons of bamboo. Fabrics with bamboo in have some great properties but there are also some downsides which I hadn’t considered. I am looking at using some bamboo fabrics that say they are certified by Oeko-Tex 100 and OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association). So that is a plus, as you’ll see from that article.

So we shall see, I’m going to show some clients the fabric samples and see how they feel about the fabrics.

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