What are you doing in the studio?

The Studio Diary

At the moment in the studio we are working on a lot of new products. New fabric has been ordered which is very exciting. We made the decision not to go to Premiere Vision this year as we found what we needed in the London Textile Fair. This was the first time I had visited the London Textile Fair and I enjoyed the more relaxed atmosphere and the lack of walls around each company.

When you go to Premiere Vision unless you know the companies it can be tricky to determine if they are the right company for you (even after doing preparation with the descriptions/website beforehand). Until you venture into the enclosed areas, you just don’t know and then it can be a bit uncomfortable when you realise it’s not the right fabrics!!

Not going to Premiere Vision has also saved a bit of money on Paris, although I am going to Paris for a social visit next week! I am looking forward to this and we have been creating a huge list of things we want to do in the four days we are there! I think it will need to be narrowed down a bit.

Back to the studio. So whilst we wait on the new fabric we are making sure all the patterns are ready and toiled. Then we will be working on some limited edition and show pieces!

There has been some talk that the studio will be moving, but not far. It will provide a lot more space and be easier to organise! At the moment the shelves are under the cutting desk, which is a little awkward when you’re scrabbling around on your knees trying to get a specific book!

There is the possibility that another Pop Up Shop will come about soon in central London. We shall see!

Watch this space for more developments.

September, October…..Now it’s November!!!

Phew, it’s been a busy few months and the work load won’t be letting up any time soon. But on the plus side I now have some time freed up per week to dedicate to getting back to writing the blog posts and other bits and pieces (there is a long list!).
September involved a visit to NYC and a visit (two days later, don’t ask, it was crazy) to Paris.
I made the most of my personal trip to NYC with a great bit of networking.
The purpose of Paris was to go to Premiere Vision, the big fabric show in Paris. I found some great fabrics which I’m really looking forward to using. All the samples have now arrived and I’m working through design ideas and costings. As some of the fabrics arrived I popped their pics on facebook.






So now I’m building towards the photo shoot, scouting locations, getting a model, makeup artist and hair stylist. I’m going to be creating some mood boards and ideas for the shoot.
Should have a little video online soon and then there are some other bits and pieces coming up. I’ll really need some people participation, so keep your eyes peeled for coming info!!

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