Changing Direction

A Balmy End in San Francisco!

What’s with the radio silence?

Well, Ive been on a bit of a life rollercoaster. More twists and turns than downs! I got married, moved to New York/New Jersey from England and then a year later my husband and I moved across the USA to the Bay area in California!

I decided to take a break from my women’s fashion business when I left the UK. Now living in California I’ve been taking a new direction. It’s a bit of a career pivot for me. I’m helping other people who want to go into fashion design with their portfolios.

So with that in mind, I will be back on this blog but heading in a bit of a different direction!

My business website is still online but is acting a bit more like a portfolio for me at the moment. You will also find me on Facebook and Instagram as well – I always appreciate new followers!

What are vertical body proportions?

Let’s talk about body proportion. What is included in the torso and what does it mean to have a long or short torso! When you start questioning what sentences like ‘proportionally longer torso than legs’ it gets you thinking, what does this all really mean?!!

In art the body is usually measured in heads. So you are measuring the body with the size of it’s own head. On average these days the body measures about 8 heads (including the head!).

The torso is the body not including limbs, neck or head. The torso (including the neck) generally measures 3 heads and the legs (including feet) measures 4 heads.

Now, if you think you proportionally have a different body to leg ratio it could be either of these possibilities:

Longer torso and shorter legs – your torso measure longer than 3 heads and your legs measure less than 4 heads.

Shorter torso and longer legs – your torso measures less than 3 heads and your legs measure more than 4 heads.

body-proportions long legs, short torso, short legs, long torso
From Left to Right: Short legs and long torso, standard body ratio of torso to legs, short torso and long legs

See the diagram: The center person is Miss Average with the 3 to 4 head, torso to leg ratio.  On the left is the longer torso and shorter legs and on the right you have the shorter torso and longer legs. All three are the same height and it is just the body ratios that change.

It doesn’t matter whether you are short or tall – you could be any of these three options.

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