Smooth it over

Smooth it over
T-Shirt Bra

Every woman should own a great fitting t-shirt bra. It’s such a versatile piece of lingerie. Obviously they work well under t-shirts (thus the name) but they also look great under shirts and smooth fitting dresses.
Basically any tops/dresses that have a lot of coverage but require smooth and seam free lingerie underneath – you can trust a t-shirt bra will do the job.
Choose a skin tone option as this will extend the variety of tops and dresses that you can wear it under!

The bra featured in the picture above is the Charnos Superfit comfort bra.

The dress is from my Riviera Collection. Take a look at this coral dress here.

Where is your hem at?


You may or may not have read that this Autumn Winter (2013) trends include the skirt lengths mainly falling at knee length or mid-calf. Hurray I hear you cry, I can’t believe it’s taken so long for this to come round into fashion again!

I’ve collated some pictures of different ways a knee or mid-calf length piece can be incorporated into your professional wardrobe:

1. Try a pleated skirt in the ‘on-trend’ nude colour and an over the knee length.

Nude pleated skirt knee length A/W '13 Lanvin

Beautiful Klimt-inspired collection. L'Wren Scott Fall 2013
2. Try a mid-calf length – a wrap around coat style picks out the fashionable length but also keeps your legs warm!
Miu Miu Stripe dress Calf length
3. Just over the knee is a great length -In bright red this A-Line Bottega Venetta dress is striking and smart. Perhaps a circle skirt like this black one at Michael Kors is a better shape for your body (balancing out your wider shoulders or larger bust).

Bottega Veneta knee length red dress Autumn/Winter 2013-14

Michael Kors Calf length black skirt

4. A high mid-calf length can work in a fitted pencil skirt style such as this lovely teal coloured Oscar de la Renta skirt.

Teal skirt over the knee length Oscar de la Renta

Knee length printed skirt and collarless jacket Waist emphasised by coloured belt Oscar de la Renta

Lanvin A/W 2013 red floral dress
Add colour to a grey dress

Adding colourful accessories could work just as easily with a grey trouser suit.
The colour you wear has an instant impact in a first impression, a meeting and a presentation.
It doesn’t need to be a full coloured outfit – accessories work just as well. Choose one colour, for instance, purple.

You can add purple in a variety of areas of your outfit:

nail varnish, purse, handbag, cardigan, shoes, scarf, belt or jewellery!

Navy Base

From dusky to bright pink, lemon to sunshine yellow, apple to mint green, terracotta to tango orange and taupe to mink brown. All these colours work well with an outfit that has navy as a base. If you need a break from black – navy gives you many alternatives to work with in outfit building!

“But does it come in black?”

Having worked in the City I have experienced the busy lifestyle and culture. I found as a woman that buying work clothes for the city can be a very frustrating experience; navigating the mysteries of the office dress code, the demands of the daily timetable and the limitations of what is available to buy in the shops.

The work place sets its own dress code. Some of these rules are written down by management -‘no sleeveless tops, no short skirts’, and some rules are unspoken (often more difficult to get a grasp on) e.g. no bold colours.

In addition women set their own personal rules; I can only buy sleeves to this length, I need to cover my neck.

To add flames to the fire, women’s work days can be from 8am – 8pm and beyond- encompassing a wide variety of roles and activities.

Women’s clothing has to be adaptable for:

the morning commute, for the mid morning coffee break, at the desk, meeting clients, presentations, interviews, office and team meetings, fixing the printer paper jam, fielding phone calls etc……

and then into the evening……

dinner with clients, drinks to clinch that deal, the opening of a client’s art gallery exhibit, the opera because the boss had tickets, coffee house to finish a document and then there is that networking event booked ages ago.

With all these aspects to take into account it’s a wonder anyone can find anything to wear! Variety is the spice of life but sometimes it can be the cause of wardrobe migraines!

Whilst working in retail in London City, women would come in and look at a dress and say;

“I love it, but does it come in black?” (My answer was usually no, with a sad face)

“If it had sleeves this dress would be perfect”

“Why are all the hemlines so short? I can’t wear that to work”

City women love the new ideas, design details and styles yet the pieces don’t take into account the work environment and make shopping tricky and stressful (especially when rushing out on your lunch hour!).

Finding pieces that are versatile, different and suitable for work becomes are hard task. When designing for my new dress collection I have these things running through my mind;

Is this too low for the office? Can I adapt it into a different look or outfit? Is the hemline suitable for work?

Women quite rightly demand a lot from their clothes. Does any of this ring true for you?

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