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Kerry’s Diary Entry – Down a Creative Side Track

I’ve been in the studio playing with new ideas and coming up with different designs. It’s nice to get back to that again.

As well as fashion design I’ve also been playing a bit with other creative avenues. I’ve been planning my wedding with Mr CS and it has allowed me (given me the excuse) to stretch my creative wings in different directions.

I love flowers and floristry, so I thought, why not?! I have developed quite a specific idea through photos in magazines and pinterest regarding what I want at the wedding, flower wise for bouquet and table decor. So through the help of You tube videos, a couple of books I’ve purchased and some tips from a friend who’s been on a flower course I started to experiment and practice.


First go at a hand tied bouquet

To start practicing and trying techniques out I bought some flowers that were not in the best state (heavily discounted – end of shelf life). I thought I’d share with you some of my first experiements!

hand tied bouquet

Second bouquet trial – again, hand tied

You can see in the bouquets I was squeezing the stalks together too tightly – resulting in the flowers being squashed together.

I then went on to try a different way of creating a bouquet because I really want to have a cascading bouquet for the wedding. For this I purchased a handle. This comes with foam in it which you soak and then insert the foliage and flowers.


Foiliage plus roses

This is the start of building up a shape on the bouquet holder:IMG_0172

Here I am trialling and creating a shape out for a table display:Flower display yellow and white

So I am definately no expert, but I have enjoyed my foray into floristry. It won’t be for everyone and I’m yet to do it for the wedding – I will let you know how that goes!




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Wrapping up Christmas – Some Creative Ideas to Try

Here are some nice ideas on Pinterest you could do if you want to wrap your Christmas presents with a little creativity!

Follow my Christmas board on Pinterest for more ideas.To make your wrapping that bit different think about how you can change the key components: ribbon, paper, decorations and labels.
Ribbon – You could go a different route and use some fabric fancy ribbons, strips of paper, knitting yarn, lace, felt strips, string or tinsel.string parcel gift wrapping ideas christmas
Christmas wrapping, pom poms, ribbons

Add some interesting ribbons

Paper – Select something other that is not normally used for wrapping such as music paper, white or brown paper, magazines or even fabric!
christmas wrapping paper - chic plain white
Gift packaging for the music lover.

Try using something different as wrapping paper. How about some Christmas carol music manuscript paper

Labels – Instead of just opting for labels from the shops that match the paper why don’t you make something a bit different. Stick on buttons, cut up old Christmas cards, make some from clay or use blackboard paint. The label world is as wide as your label imagination!

Christmas snowman gift tag label

Christmas Crackers - Hand made crackers, wrapping from the studio 2011

Here is a robin cut from an old christmas card and re-used as a gift tag

Decoration and extras – Instead of the normal bows why don’t you attach some bells, sweets, buttons, pine cones, a paper snowflake or a pom pom!
Candy, sweet wrapping

Tie some candy into your ribbon!


DIY, Christmas, bows, bright, wrapping, gift

Try some contrasting bright fluorescent paper ribbon!

Christmas gift wrapping pom pom ideas









If this is not for you then head to my other Christmas wrapping blog post to see your alternatives!

Thank you 2013 – Now let’s plan business for 2014

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Well, I’ve had a lovely holiday season and I hope you have too. I took a break from the blog, tweeting and all other social media things. It’s nice to stop for a moment before the madness begins again! The New Year is just around the corner and I have been thinking about my business plans for 2014.

2013 has been a busy and really good year for my business . I’m not one to look back but here is a little round up photo blog of some key moments for my business in 2013! It has been a useful exercise to look back and record what has happened –  to remind myself of goals achieved and progress made!


March Clerkenwell Pop Up Shop


March Clerkenwell, London Pop Up Shop


Piccadilly Circus London Pop up Shop

Kerrie in action

Beach photoshoot

Rail 2

Ellisons Solicitor Breast Cancer Evening Event

In Space

In Space, Pop Up Shop Columbia Rd London

Kerry and guests

Colour Evening Event

Video Shoot

Video Shoot

I’m still trying to shake the feeling that I’ve lost my way a little. It is so easy to get caught up in the daily tasks. I’ve been mulling this over during the Christmas period and with a little push by The Design Trust (who do really good articles and have great tips for small creative businesses) I am re-looking at my business vision today.

I’d love to hear about your plans for 2014.

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How to Sew Corners

I was told to sew a corner by leaving the machine needle in the corner of the fabric and pivoting the fabric round. Then continue sewing along the next seam.

As per this diagram:

A nice man then showed me the error of these ways and I have been using his method ever since. To get a nice point it is much better to use the following method:

  • Sew down to the corner but stop before you get there.
  • Then sew two stitches across the corner at a diagonal. The two diagonal stitches allow room for the fabric when you turn the corner out the right way.
  • Continue sewing in a straight line along the next section.





Don’t forget to trim away the excess corner fabric as close to the stitching as you possibly can. In the case of a collar, trim the corner right down and then graduate the seam allowance from the point.

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Creative juices flowing

So I’m busily working on marketing and other business areas now I have my laptop back (which I thought had died a death)!

I am also finding myself in the grips again of feeling creative. I’m looking more at magazines, going to galleries and sketching. Ideas are beginning to form in my head which I will play with in sketches and then onto the stand with fabric. So this is the start of the next set of pieces.

I’m registered for Source Expo11, which is an international trade show in London with suppliers of sustainable fabrics. So this is my first visit and I’m looking forward to seeing some fabrics and getting some inspiration.