Wet Weather – We need to prepare our wardrobes!

We have been having a very rainy time of late. Some people have been having it really bad with flooding in their homes and business premises. My heart goes out to them as there is very little that can be done, when you are at the mercy of the elements.

Not to make light of their situation but is there any way that we can get through a daily commute and get to work without looking like a drowned rat? Do you have a hair dryer at work to rectify a bad wet hair situation?

Do you have a great rain mac with a very strong umbrella or do you prefer a mac with a hood?

I’ve had a look around and the following companies have some nice rain-macs and coats:

Seasalt have a waterproof collection or you could try the rain coats at The Cambridge Raincoat Company.

Aquascutum do a lovely rain mac like this Double breasted raincoat Lana or why not try some Swedish design from Stutterheim, at Make it Rain.

If you enjoy wearing a bit of colour through the bleak weather then perhaps a mac in bold stripes from Boden is what you are looking for. Joules has a big mix of country style coats.

Obviously no raincoat listing would be complete without a mention of Burberry. I love that you can design your own burberry trench coat on the website.

Do you have a windproof umbrella? I’m thinking of getting one – this one at Stutterheim sounds really good.

Just as I get my head round the wet weather and preparing for it…..apparently we’ll soon be getting the icy cold that has hit America!



Fashion Forecast – staying frost free

With the threat of snow, blizzards, floods and goodness knows what weather we will all get in the next week, I have put together a frosty white and grey look. Stay warm with warm white furry accessories like a scarf or hat. I went for grey to offset the white and sparkley silver jewellery works nicely with this look. A really stylish grey coat is a more practical choice than white and the same goes for the grey gloves!

Stay Frost free

Shop silk wrap dresses photo round up!

I thought I’d give you a round up of some of the pictures from my pop up shop last week! The shop featured the new Silk Line which is a range of dresses made of silk jersey. The range of dresses includes two wrap dresses. My favourite is the wrap dress Ava and I wore it in Navy with mid length sleeves at the private preview evening we had on the monday (before the week started!). The private preview was a fab start to the week and by the end of the evening a lot of Prosecco had been consumed!

The set up of the shop went well and I think it looked pretty good. Thanks to all the help from friends and family everything went very smoothly and made it all much less stressful!!
In the pictures I am the one fixing the coat on the mannequin! I put the coat on the mannequin because all of a sudden the weather went from spring to wet winter in two days!

I hope you enjoy these pictures if you couldn’t make it to the shop itself!!
Don’t worry though I’m planning popping up again!










Autumn Winter first photoshoot – Piece 1 The Coat

Autumn Winter can be a difficult time of year for some people with finding the right things to wear. I love all the gorgeous fabrics you can find this time of year. Wrapping up with beautiful cashmere, mohair and wool.

You may have already seen these pictures on the Kerry O’Brine Womens Wear facebook pageĀ 

I thought those following from now, might like a walk through the pieces in the collection:

Piece 1 The Coat

The Coat has a luxurious feel because of the beautiful wool cashmere mix fabric and the 100% silk lining. The wool cashmere makes the coat lovely and warm.

Its a coat to take you from day to night. You can wrap yourself up and still feel chic. A high collar protects you from the cold City air and can be styled standing up. The flaring hem and belt create an hour glass shape. The shape of the coat allows room for a suit jacket to be worn underneath and to not feel uncomfortable.

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