The Coral Call

Summer is edging closer and Spring keeps raising it’s pretty face with blooms and blossom and the occasional warm spell. Is your wardrobe feeling a little tired and in need of something that makes you feel in the Spring Summer spirit? I’ve been putting away the large knitwear pieces in my wardrobe and getting out the spring summer pieces. But what I think I actually need is a fresh colour. A bright colour that complements your skin tone in an easy to wear shape can update a wardrobe with ease.

So for me, I’m of course going with one of my own collection pieces; the Eloise dress from my Riviera Collection – this is an easy shape to wear as well as style in a variety of ways for different occasions.

Eloise Dress in Coral 100% silk crepe de chine
Eloise Dress in Coral 100% silk crepe de chine
I’ve had a look around and other brands are doing some bright colours for Spring Summer too. I’ve picked out some bright dresses in some lovely easy to wear shapes:
Splendid Stretch-jersey mini dress
Splendid Stretch-jersey mini dress
Rika Zarao Long Sleeve Dress
Rika Zarao Long sleeve dress
Goat | Tia Crepe Shift Dress by Goat
Goat Tia Crepe yellow shift dress
Tory Burch Brooke stretch-cotton poplin dress
Tory Burch Brooke stretch-cotton Poplin dress
If you can’t bare to go all bright but want to freshen up your wardrobe try adding a bold print into the mix:
GIAMBATTISTA VALLI | Floral Printed Silk Dress | Browns fashion & designer clothes & clothing
Giambattista Valli Floral black and white silk dress

Dressing Fear

So you may have seen a few tweets of mine yesterday, showing a lot of excitement about working through a fear of mine.
I made the decision to go for it – work through my fear. To help myself get through it I decided to put on a smart business outfit, makeup and jewellery. It sounds silly but I find this very helpful.
Changing the way you dress changes the way you feel. By creating an outer facade I find gives confidence within.
Even if no one sees, for instance; my fear was making a tough phone call – it’s all about adjusting (or tricking) the mind.

I found it interesting how dramatically I felt different. I’m not thinking it would work for a fear of flying or snakes but…. a fear of speaking in public, presenting your research to the boss or when starting a new job – this could assist you.

Do you find dressing ‘up’ helps your confidence to do things you are scared of?


Wet Weather – We need to prepare our wardrobes!

We have been having a very rainy time of late. Some people have been having it really bad with flooding in their homes and business premises. My heart goes out to them as there is very little that can be done, when you are at the mercy of the elements.

Not to make light of their situation but is there any way that we can get through a daily commute and get to work without looking like a drowned rat? Do you have a hair dryer at work to rectify a bad wet hair situation?

Do you have a great rain mac with a very strong umbrella or do you prefer a mac with a hood?

I’ve had a look around and the following companies have some nice rain-macs and coats:

Seasalt have a waterproof collection or you could try the rain coats at The Cambridge Raincoat Company.

Aquascutum do a lovely rain mac like this Double breasted raincoat Lana or why not try some Swedish design from Stutterheim, at Make it Rain.

If you enjoy wearing a bit of colour through the bleak weather then perhaps a mac in bold stripes from Boden is what you are looking for. Joules has a big mix of country style coats.

Obviously no raincoat listing would be complete without a mention of Burberry. I love that you can design your own burberry trench coat on the website.

Do you have a windproof umbrella? I’m thinking of getting one – this one at Stutterheim sounds really good.

Just as I get my head round the wet weather and preparing for it…..apparently we’ll soon be getting the icy cold that has hit America!



Fashion Videos Galore

So the build up to the launch of the Fashion Galore exhibition at Somerset House has begun.

If you haven’t hadĀ  a chance to see it yet, here is the Showspace video of a selection of pieces from Isabella Blow’s wardrobe (also featured in the upcoming exhibit) worn by a range of models at Doddington Hall.

My favourite parts are the shoes through the mud, playing in the water and the jumping on the mattress – the realism (if that is the right word) speaks of Blow’s approach to fashion – wearing high end designer pieces to do the washing up for instance. After all, fashion is created to be worn.

There are other videos as well: Lou Stoppard interviewed Isabella’s friends and colleagues see these on the SHOWspace website.

Women’s London Networking Evening in Colour!

You may or may not know that I run a clothing company. So the big company announcement today is that I have launched the tickets for our September event!


The evening is for women from a whole range of industries and professions to come together in London and enjoy an evening of networking and personal consultations.

The theme of the evening is colour which is such a broad and interesting topic. The colours you wear effect the way that people perceive you, it can affect your mood and it can make you look amazing or drab.

Around that them of colour we have selected different areas for the evening:

  • Makeup: Focusing on eyeshadow colour
  • Hosiery Finding the best natural colour match for your skin
  • Hair: what is the best hair colour for you
  • Image: What is one colour that looks amazing on you
  • Clothes: Allowing you to select exactly the colour you want for your dress

The brands included in the event are:

Makeup WORKS: A British makeup brand who have been making inroads on the makeup market. They are targeted at mature skin; the colours and shades are great and in particular the products are matte. Makeup WORKS will be providing 10 minute slots to discuss eyeshade colours and if you want, they can try it out on you.

FALKE: A premium hosiery brand. Leading the way in hosiery they have a new exciting range called Perfect Skin Colours. A consultant will be at our event with samples in hand to guide you through choosing the right skin colour for your legs.

FOUR: Leading hair colourists voted ‘Best for Colour’ by the Tatler hair guide 2013 will be providing 10 minute consultations. If you’re unsure about your hair colour or you need some advice then this is for you.

Inside Out Image: What colour would be best for you to wear to work? What colours suit your skin tone? Joanna Gaudoin from Inside Out Image will be starting the evening off by introducing us to the world of colour and then will be providing one to one mini consultations.

and then there is my company: Kerry O’Brine Womens Wear: We design and produce clothing in my UK studio. The silk Line is our main collection and this provides women the chance to choose exactly what they want: choose your style from our six dresses, choose your colour and choose your sleeve length.

I’ll be launching our new colour dye to order service some new colours for Autumn Winter and some other things too! For now, that’s all I will say about this because you’ll have to come to the launch to find out more!!

The Academy: The venue is equally exciting as the line-up! We have the whole of the ground floor in The Academy in Bloomsbury, London for the evening of 12th September. If it’s a lovely sunny evening you’ll be able to network outside in the courtyard or have a drink in the conservatory! The 4* hotel has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Enjoy the evening with complimentary drinks available on arrival and canapes included in the ticket price. I always insist on food…. who can network after work on an empty stomach? Not me!!

All the women involved are supportive and friendly individuals. We love to network and support other women running their own business, working their way up the career ladder and getting the balance between a high flying career and home life.

If you are based in and around London and you are interested and a woman then please join us.


Feed back is always welcomed. Do you know of a great location to hold another event? What brand would you like to get advice from? Is there a topic that you would like to learn more about at an event?

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