About Me

Pink party people pictureHi my name is Kerry and I started this blog as a diary behind the scenes of running my women’s clothing business. I started Kerry O’Brine Womens Wear two years ago and over this time I have written and blogged about the business, my collections and it has expanded to much more!

You will see blog posts about the Kerry O’Brine Womens Wear pop up shops and events we hold. Mainly our events are held in London but we hope to go elsewhere in the future and feedback about great locations and opportunities are always welcomed!

Also one of the major features of being in business is networking and sometimes I like to write a blog entry on that. It is very important in business to build up a network of contacts and not get stuck in your own zone.

Sometimes I like to blog about a great exhibition or show I’ve seen. As a designer I like to see as many things as possible and keep up to date with the what’s happening in the world; inspiration can come from anywhere!

I have had experience in a wide range of areas within the fashion business including pattern cutting and sewing. Every now and then you will see a little blog entry from me trying to pass on a tip or two (Tips and Tricks) that I have picked up along the way. It’s these things that you don’t necessarily find in books that can make the difference between a great finished product and an average one.

How to style the clothes I design in different ways is something I explore on a daily and personal basis. I think it is easy to get stuck in a rut but I like to look at new colour combinations and also try out different accessories. You will find some blog posts under the heading ‘Dressing for Work‘. The blog entries are focused on clothing in a professional work place as this is what the pieces are designed for and also because I am wearing them on a daily basis to work!

I also like to look at the catwalks and see how they can be applied to our wardrobes. As a lover and creator of fashion I really appreciate the pieces on the catwalks – how lovely to wear them. I can also see how we can interpret them into our daily lives without trying to replicate them – try having a look at these for inspiration.

Take a look at me in the studio here!

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