A Fashion Designers POV

Every designer is influenced and inspired by many different things.

Kerry finding inspiration

How a designer puts together their current inspirations with their life experiences, long time inspirations and beliefs into a fashion collection gives it their unique perspective.

These are some example of some strong recognizable design voices:

  • Sicilian Italian duo Dolce and Gabanna
  • Italian luxury brand Versace
  • Stella McCartney and her views on sustainability (75 percent of materials being eco-friendly in her 2020 collection)
  • Issey Miyake whose technology-driven and trade mark pleating
  • Mary Katrantzou well known for her signature digital prints

It can take a while to find your design voice, your language. It may come out in the cut of the garment, the placement of certain seams, a signature colour choice or a reference you often return to.

If you are working on your pre-degree portfolio, there is no need to worry about having found your ‘signature style’ as yet. If you are on your fashion degree, now is the time to really explore what makes you tick as a designer. There may be projects you hate, uninspiring briefs and tutors that don’t see the value in a design but this is all a chance for you to reflect and see what really does make you tick, what lights the fashion design fire in you and how you can turn that into a fashion collection.

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