Top Ten Facts About Your New Silk Dress

Top Ten Facts about Your New Silk Dress

Fact 1. Silk stretches to 20% of it’s length without breaking.

So, your dress won’t go out of shape and get some strange kinks where your bend your knees!

Fact 3. Silk has a triangular prism type structure. Light coming from different angles is refracted off.

This gives your silk dress a beautiful natural shimmery sheen.

Fact 4. Silk is a low density fibre.

Which means a silk garment is lightweight.

Fact 5. The low density of the fibre also means it is highly absorbent.

This absorbancy makes the dress very comfortable in the summer, keeping you cool.

Fact 6. Silk can absorb as much as a third of its own weight in moisture and not feel damp.

So in stressful moments when you sweat alot you will find the dress still comfortable.

Fact 7. Silk is a poor conductor of electricity. It will keep warm air close to the body.

This means your dress will keep you warm in the winter.

Fact 8. The smooth soft silk fibres and sericin that binds the fibres together are supposed soothe your skin.

If you find your skin dry and itchy – silks smooth qualities may be comfortable to wear.

Fact 9. Silk has the same tensile strength as steel. But only when dry

So your silk dress is tougher than you think but be gentle with it when it’s wet!

Fact 10. The sticky substance called sericin stays with the silk after processing.

This means your dress has a natural resistance against dust mites, fungas and mold!


Facts sourced from various sources:


Silk Body Online

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