Time To Fill Your Fashion Cups

If you have an evening spare or more to the point – make sure you have an evening free.

Not far from the London’s city banking area is the Barbican. A huge grey sprawling range of buildings holds a great mix of gems inside.

At the moment it holds a huge amazing exhibition of Jean Paul Gaultier’s beautiful, striking, clever and witty fashion. Open Sunday – weds 10am-6pm, Thurs-Sat 10am-9pm. (perfect for a bank holiday – open 12pm-8pm!)

meeting JPG
Kerry meets Jean Paul Gaultier!!

The exhibit’s layout and displays reflect his personality and design asethetics. The mannequins have projected faces onto them – sometimes they sing or just blink! You even get Jean Paul Gaultier welcoming you to the exhibit!

Look in to my eyes
A wall of film and tv clips that JPG clothes have featured in.

It was so great to see it in real life. His works have been in so many different films, programmes and magazines. The wall of screens reminds you of some of the film moments.

One of favs
One of my most favorite dresses of all time.
better smiley
Enjoying myself – what a gorgeous picture!
It was so nice to see some of my favorite dresses on display. They were even better than when I’ve seen them in magazines. The detail and couture work is amazing; all the beads, sequins and detailed cuts.

Look at the ladyimage (2)




Wear your best pointy bra or sailor t-shirt and head to the JPG bar. Polish off the evening with a lovely cocktail. The cocktails have all been given names on the JPG theme. I loved the lamps and I think I might do some DIY and create one or two at home! Makes for a nice Thursday or Friday night after work drink – open 5.30pm-10pm (sat-wed 5.30-9pm)
Relaxing in the bar!
image (1) - Copy
Soft landing

Fill your cups!

The exhibition finishes 25th August 2014 and might just quench your fashion thirst until the McQueen exhibit roles into town until next year!

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