Your chance to vote

I have entered a competition as a woman maker and designer. If you didn’t know I started a women’s clothing business 2 years ago.  If you haven’t seen my website before – check it out:

Triumph are holding a competition for creative women who make. Giving us a chance to win a £10,000 business bursary and a years mentoring! This is an amazing opportunity and I am really excited about it. It would be a real boost to my business and a chance to get some advice from some amazing women who make!

In order to get through the competition I need votes.

I hope I have your vote. All you need to do is this:

  • click through to my page on the Triumph page here
  • click vote and you’re done!

You will have made someone smile (me!) for free! You will feel all warm and fuzzy inside – good deeds – it’s a win win.

Example of me grinning!!

Please let me know when you have voted and I can send you a thank you personally.



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