Where can I go for a pancake breakfast?

Afternoon Tea

Where can I go for my pancake fill? As always, I have food on the brain!

Every year I think… “mmm I will make pancakes for breakfast” and every year I forget. This year I’m thinking I won’t have time with so much going on in the business. So I’ve done a little research into places to go. (Note to self it’s Shrove Tuesday on 4th March!!)
If I’m near Richmond Upon Thames then I could do pancakes in a traditional French styley:

In Covent Garden The Delauney’s brunch menu range offers pancakes with fillings such as blueberries and creme fresh or plum and cinnamon compote.

Apparently – Clerkenwell is becoming or has become THE breakfast destination. If you have the time to visit The Modern Pantry between 8am and 11am on pancake day and you could try this delicious sounding pancake…

Raspberry & ricotta pancakes, berry & liquorice compote, crème fraiche. This interestingly states please allow 20 minutes…
Who can wait that long for a pancake!!!?
Breakfast somewhere fancy? How about CUT at 45 Park Lane? They have buttermilk pancakes on their menu with whipped maple butter and seasonal berries with the option to add sausage or streaky bacon!
Have you tried The Cookbook Cafe? There website offers starter breakfast brunch menu which includes all these goodies:

Waffles and pancakes with maple syrup, chocolate sauce, berry compote or clotted cream, omelettes and poached eggs to order.

If that wasn’t enough the drinks are endless!!: Cremant, Bellinis, Sparkling Cremant, water, tea and coffee!!

If you are near Liverpool street and you want to go more American styley how about trying The Breakfast Club.

So much choice. Let’s see where I end up!

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