To Sleeve or not to Sleeve?


Sleeves can become an issue when shopping for new clothes.

When purchasing a new dress, the purchase can often fall down because of the sleeves (or lack of).

There seems to be three main reasons that sleeves can be an issue:

1. Work based – it is deemed more appropriate to wear a sleeve in the office environment – even if it is just a capped sleeve.

2. Personal Dislike – you dislike your upper arms and like to keep them covered up with a sleeve.

3. The sleeve and/or sleeve hole is not cut in the same proportion as the rest of the garment – therefore not allowing room for your arms.

It can often be tricky trying to balance all your desires including sleeves into that one elusive dress.

Often manufacturers will not have sleeves on a dress to cut back costs – that extra bit of sewing, fitting and fabric.

It can also be a ‘fashion’ based problem. Sleeves may not be ‘in fashion’ or it is deemed ‘summer’ so long sleeves are not chosen.

Also when you find a dress you like with a full length sleeve – actually you’d prefer a mid-length sleeve!

What can you do?

  • Try some different clothing brands – different companies cut their clothes in different ways
  • Layer up shirts and long sleeved tops underneath sleeveless dresses and tops.

I have found a range of dresses with sleeves for you to browse. Some work appropriate and some are more evening/casual. But all have sleeves!

Dresses with Short Length Sleeves
Maison Martin Margiela Stretch-ponte dress Short Sleeves
lucille bodycon sheer panels felt dress by Acne Short sleeves

Oscar de la Renta Printed stretch-cotton poplin dress Mid-length sleeve

Dresses with Mid Length Sleeves

Erdem Ivy silk-blend jacquard dress Mid-length sleeve

Detroit Fitted Dress Mid-length sleeves
Richard Nicoll Illusion scuba-jersey and silk-blend jersey dress Mid-length sleeves
Dresses with Long-Length Sleeves

Fleur B. Oxford Shift Dress Black  Long sheer sleeves
Roland Mouret Serizzo stretch-knit dress Long sleeves
Diane von Furstenberg New Julian Two silk-jersey wrap dress Long sleeves

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