Tour Eiffel et Jo Jo

The Jo Jo dress in black worked out well for our day of sight seeing in Paris. Dressed it casually with leather jacket, brogues and leopard scarf. The weather was warm but not warm enough to leave the flat without a jacket –  still a chilly breeze sometimes!

I guess this is what you could call tourist fashion but is basically how we have to dress in London most of the time – layering up for any weather eventuality!

Starting at the Trocadero Esplanade you see the Tour Eiffel in the distance. Eiffel stretch armsEiffel 4

Walking down you look back at the Palais de Chaillot:TrocaderoWall
and down the long garden towards the Tour Eiffel: The long view
Continue walking towards the Tour Eiffel. Spot the lovely Carousel and take a ride:Carosel Paris
I took a little de-tour down a lovely avenue of trees to the right!

Arch of treesHere I am crossing the Pont d’Iena walking towards the Eiffel Tower!On the bridge

Getting closer……

Eiffel 3and closer…..!

Eiffel 2

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