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She MET The Punk and The Couture


So many good exhibitions and things to see in NYC at the moment. Fashion exhibitions seem to be having a moment!

One of the best I saw was Punk: Chaos to Couture.

Sadly no pictures allowed in that exhibit. But, what can I say….a great range of designers and I think there were five rooms of pieces. It seems to be a massive exhibit with each room showing a different take on ‘Punk’.

For example; one room looked at recycling and another about deconstruction.

They juxtaposed 1970s punk outfits with couture more recent pieces.

It really highlighted how far Punk has infiltrated the mainstream consciousness and also how it has influenced designers in a huge variety of ways ever since.

There was the famous A/W 1992 Versace safety pin dress worn by Liz Hurley and a 2007 S/S Prada skirt made of pressed bottle tops.

Moschino pieces made from bin liners, McQueen dresses made from synthetic fabrics made to imitate bin liners and bubble wrap and Margiela pieces made from shopping bags.

Victor and Rolf channeled chaos in their S/S 1998 collection and used spray paint and Demeulemeester used paint splatter in the 2006 S/S collection. There was beauty in the chaos.

It was an amazing exhibition and I encourage all and sundry to visit if you can. Get there early in the day and also don’t go when it is raining outside because every single tourist in America will also be in there!! Although if it is raining it is a great place to get lost in and get inspired.

The MET is $25 (recommended) entry. Which sounds a lot but it is pretty reasonable when you consider you could spend a few days in there and not see everything!! They have quite a few special exhibitions on, I counted 26!! You don’t pay extra to see any of the special exhibits, it is all included!





2 thoughts on “She MET The Punk and The Couture

  1. I also went to this exhibit and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I especially loved the vintage Vivianne Westwood pieces.

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