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Funding For Women In Business


The Next Women Investment Pitch Evening

Women have the capabilities of achieving great things through starting out their own business. Last night I went to watch five women pitch their business in front of a panel of six investors (plus a small audience that I was part of).

As an audience member it was a really great experience. I have come away with pages of notes and tips including; ways to structure a pitch, coordinating your slides with what you are saying, being clear about what you are selling (your audience of investors may know nothing about your industry or new product) and about what a great presentation looks like.

Being someone totally fresh to this type of ‘investment’ environment  it gave me the opportunity to gem up on the ‘terminology’ that people throw around. I now have a clearer picture on what terms like seedbed and closing a round of funding really mean. For someone like myself, not from a financial, investment or business background these unfamiliar terms and processes take a bit of getting used to and can seem quite daunting.

I found the event last night by The Next Women really clarified for me what I can achieve for my business and what I need to prepare for, in order to pitch. It was great that this opportunity exists to breakdown the barriers and also to make it seem realistic and approachable.

Although I’m sure presenting was nerve racking, the pitch evening was a friendly and supportive environment in which as a pitcher you could go away with constructive criticism of your pitch technique and on the information you provide.

In addition, we heard from two keynote speakers, Dana Al-Salem of FanShake and Brynne Herbert of Move Guides. These women were both inspirational and it was great to hear from two women at different stages of their businesses.

I look forward to attending the next event.


2 thoughts on “Funding For Women In Business

  1. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing it:)

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