The Twenties are Coming

Ok, so my twenties are almost over, but the 1920s in cinematic format Directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Cary Mulligan and the fabulous Leo DiCaprio is coming via The Great Gatsby!!

Here is the trailer:

Thought I’d add this link which shows a couple of pics on W magazine of behind the scenes on The Great Gatsby (for those who are super excited by the new film!)!!

I’ve been thinking about how fashions of the past influences fashion of now. I love all the glitz and glamour, the music and the spirit of the 1920s. But I don’t think the shape of the dresses really are for everyone. The straight cut and dropped waistline of the dresses can look really good on a straight  figure and also if you carry your weight around your middle; if you’re wearing the right size dress, a 1920s flapper shaped dress could skim past all the lumps and bumps!

I think if you truely have a curvy figure then a dress or outfit that emphasises the waist like the 1950s will give you an hourglass shape that will be most flattering.

Balancing out your shape with a larger hem line if you have wide shoulders is also very flattering and again I refer to the 1950s for this look.

But just because the dress shape of the 1920s isn’t for everyone, it doesn’t mean we can’t reference it in our day to day lives with touches of it here and there.

deco bag
Bag with Art Deco pattern
cloch hat
1920’s summery Cloche style hat
Bangle with Art Deco style
Deco brooch
Vintage YSL Brooch
Deco Top 1
Top with Art Deco styling
Lu Lu Frost Art Deco style earrings
driving glove dents
Dents driving gloves
Deco Top 2
Vintage beaded T-shirt

2 thoughts on “The Twenties are Coming

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  1. I love the 1920’s style and have been awaiting the release of this film ever since reading the book a few months ago! I also find it really interesting the way cinema and fashion influence each other (remember the release of Alice in Wonderland?!). It’s very true what you said with regards to figure types, accessories are defiantly the way forward with most trends as they ‘fit’ everyone and can update an outfit without breaking the bank!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes trends come and go and accessories can bring your wardrobe bang up to date!
      Yes Alice in Wonderland had a huge impact on a lot of things including weddings!!

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