Protecting Cashmere

Nice new cashmere jumper, sweater or dress?

If you have a cashmere jumper or cardigan that you want to store away for a while it is a good idea to keep it in a breathable cotton bag (I love Total Wardrobe Care for clothing storage solutions).

Always clean your clothes before packing them away for storage. You get rid of any hidden larvae or moth eggs as well as any smells or food stains that can attract insect attention. Moths love dirty clothes with sweat residue.

When keeping your cashmere in your wardrobe, closet or chest of drawers then use a little cushion, pillow, bag or sachet of dried lavender. The lavender makes everything smell pretty but the moths don’t like it and your cashmere will stay hole free. Take a look at my lavender cushions that I normally only offer at my pop up shops.

The lavender doesn’t kill moth larvae, moth eggs or moths, they just don’t like it. So lavender is a part of a preventative measure rather than post moth attack.

Another thing to note: clothes moths don’t like light, so they won’t be the ones you’ve seen flying around. The clothes moths like to nestle down in the dark warmth of your wardrobe.

As well as cashmere, moths love to nibble on all other natural fibres such as wool and silk.

If you love a bargain or thrifty second hand store purchase; be wary of moths and take measures to protect your wardrobe from anything that might be lurking in your new purchase. Perhaps keep the new piece in a sealed bag before getting it dry cleaned or washed in the machine. Don’t just introduce it straight into your closet!

If you’re looking for some gorgeous cashmere then it’s worth trying Pringle, House of Cashmere or Net a Porter

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