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Shop silk wrap dresses photo round up!

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I thought I’d give you a round up of some of the pictures from my pop up shop last week! The shop featured the new Silk Line which is a range of dresses made of silk jersey. The range of dresses includes two wrap dresses. My favourite is the wrap dress Ava and I wore it in Navy with mid length sleeves at the private preview evening we had on the monday (before the week started!). The private preview was a fab start to the week and by the end of the evening a lot of Prosecco had been consumed!

The set up of the shop went well and I think it looked pretty good. Thanks to all the help from friends and family everything went very smoothly and made it all much less stressful!!
In the pictures I am the one fixing the coat on the mannequin! I put the coat on the mannequin because all of a sudden the weather went from spring to wet winter in two days!

I hope you enjoy these pictures if you couldn’t make it to the shop itself!!
Don’t worry though I’m planning popping up again!











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