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Grey wool skirt for professional women

Mixing Up Women’s Professional Work Wear

Are you sticking to ‘The Grey Suit Rule’?

Because dressing for work can become quite an issue for some women, it’s easy to end up dressing in quite a bland and boring manor. There is often a corporate image to project but I think people sometimes forget to add their own personality where they can.

Projecting the right image is often a deal breaker in business. You never know when you’re going to meet the right contact for your next job or next deal. Often standing out from the crowd for the right reasons can make you more memorable.

Networking is a great way of connecting with new possibilities and this is a perfect opportunity to re-work your daytime work look into something with added extra ‘you’ into it. Can you take off the corporate suit jacket and add a rather special jacket with personality?

One Vintage Bloom jacket

One Vintage Bloom Jacket


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If you are not in a corporate job you could take a step into empowerment dressing. This is not to be confused with 80’s power dressing! You are not an aggressive man eater, but you are in a competitive market and you need to empower yourself with confidence. Get a work appropriate dress that makes a great first impression and then add something extra for the evening; perhaps a piece of jewellery. It’s so easy to stay safe with your office wear, but if you want, you could stand out from the crowd. For instance it could be something as simple as colour. Do you know what colour makes your eyes sparkle? Would a lovely green scarf or necklace add that needed personality to your look?

Perhaps you didn’t realise that the black suit you’ve been wearing washes you out. You could try navy, which has more depth to the colour and is great for mature skin tones. This is where a style consultant, designer, shopping assistant or a good friend can be really helpful!

The key to making your wardrobe work harder  is getting a core set of pieces that look fab on their own but which can be styled to meet a your wide ranging requirements. This is what I had in mind when I designed my new collection of jersey dresses. They are core pieces which look sensational by themselves and are work appropriate. They can easily can be ‘up styled’ for a variety of looks throughout the day/evening.

Whether you purchase made to measure, made to order, ready to wear or high street brands it’s a good idea to have a selection of exciting accessories and jackets in order to transform your outfits from day to evening. Spend a Sunday pre-styling your core wardrobe pieces into day to evening outfits.

How do you get the most from your wardrobe?


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