Day to Night Vintage Inspired Hair Styling

The styles created here are easily achieved and can be transformed from a day to night look with the ease of taking out a couple of pins.

day and night

This look works best on medium to long hair but if your hair is shorter something similar can still work  you just won’t get such a dramatic change for evening.

Taking out the rollersFirstly the hair needs to be set in heated rollers running down the hair from the parting.  A side parting works best, especially if you want that Veronica Lake look.

Hair will change form when warm so make sure you let your rollers heat up properly.  Then in turn the hair sets when cold so let them cool down before taking them out.

Taking out the rollers



This is the important  bit. When you’ve taken out the rollers (carefully) you need to brush out the hair.

The rollers just taken out
The rollers just taken out

Take small sections of hair and gently brush down from root to ends.  You will notice as the curls brush out an ‘s’ shape begins to form, you need to encourage this shape as you brush.  When you’re happy with the shape spray all over with a strong hairspray (try Elnett).

Shaping the hair





For day loosely pull the hair back and fix it in a bun shape at the nape of the neck with a few pins, then spray.  This will also keep the waves in place until the evening when all you need to do is remove the pins and let the hair fall into place.  You may want to gently comb through the waves at this point just keep encouraging that all important ‘s’ shape.

Hair up version 2

Hair up version 1

Hair wavy and loose




Now all you need to do is add a nice red lip (like NARs or Dior in lipcolour Blazing) and you’re ready to go.

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