Take One Great Dress – A New Years Resolution!

For New Years I don’t think people should just start resolutions willy nilly. If you don’t feel motivated and willing to put the effort in there simply is no point. I believe you can start resolutions any time during the year; you don’t need to wait for the New Year. Saying that, I have decided on a resolution for myself; have a big clear up of my clothes and organise my wardrobe more efficiently. I hope that this will not take me the whole of 2013 to achieve but will make 2013 a more organised year!

I’m hoping that by re-organising my wardrobe it will through up any gaps that need to be purchased, as well as things that can be given to charity.

My plan is this:

  • Go through my wardrobe and select key pieces I wear a lot, are useful and I’m keeping, such as-

Black dress, pencil skirt, white blouse, well fitting smart trousers

  • Then I will go through my wardrobe and try and find all the combinations of clothing and accessories that will go with the items I selected; this could be turning it into a coffee with friends look, turning it into a meeting outfit, a meal out combination or a smart work look.
  • I’m thinking of photographing the new outfit ideas so I can plan my week and daily outfits with them.

Below is an example of how I hope to make it work.

  • You have the casual brown look with slouchy bag and fab over knee boots.
  • Then there is the evening look with touches of gold, a statement ring and killer heels.
  • A smart day time look with Mary Janes and sophisticated bag, downplayed for casual with knitted hat and leather jacket.
  • Finally a work look with a smart cardigan, a great Jill Sander bag, flat pumps and a cute bow belt to finish it off.

Take One Great DressTake One Great Dress by kerryanda

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