Fashion and Beauty Insight Summit

Wednesday I had an early start….I was trying to get to Green Park for 8.30am for a Fashion and Beauty summit. The day was filled with great talks and presentations from some interesting people from a broad spectrum of businesses.
The day focused on the ‘new media’ internet based business’ including zooming in Facebook, Twitter, Pininterest and Instagram for starters. The day was amazing as it felt like people sharing their knowledge and experience in the fashion and beauty industry. I wish there were more events. Especially in fashion where some more sharing and passing on of experience or knowledge is needed,this could be a great boost to the industry through this difficult economical climate.

It was interesting to hear from a mix of companies from Wahunda an Internet based business to Folk who utilise the internet to benefit their client’s business’.
There was a big focus on enabling customers, handing over the power to allow them to be at the heart of the business. Wahunda enabled customers through a ‘platform for connection’, Marie Claire demonstrated this through refocusing the brand and uniting many touch points together allowing the reader to access the brand whenever they want.
The owner of Mumsnet gave a presentation from a very interesting view point with the key message of crowd sourcing; Understand your market place, consult with them and test your products with them. It was really interesting to hear how women were recommending products to each other that they loved. A great example of connection on an online community.

The Folk deal with a variety of brands and talked in more general terms regarding the use of the various tools i.e. Twitter, Pininterest and Tumbler. He gave useful information on best practice and some companies that really use the tools well.

The marketing manager from A Suit That Fits gave a very interesting talk about their marketing strategy and how it has changed from being a start up company into being a young small company. Utilising the positive and successful aspects of the company they refocused their marketing objectives and streamlined all areas to bring everything in line. The main areas online that they looked at were Twitter and all the sales advisors tweet online to customers and they looked at getting more conversion from the good reviews on google.

Getting down to the nitty gritty of Facebook was the focus of I Spy Business Development and Marketing Director Nishma Robb. Helping business’ understand the nature of Facebook is interaction and communication between friends and highlighting the pitfalls that business’ can fall into.

Zu Rafalat from the company Zulu, discussed the use of videos online and their relevance and success in a viral and educational context. Last but not least Tony Macallister and Catherine Schrier discussed the role radio can play with marketing for fashion and beauty. Interestingly some statistics they highlighted was conversations that people have on brands:
6% of people talk online
13% via telephone
79% talk face to face

I think this is a key thing to remember when it comes to marketing, Internet is growing but still not as popular as face to face chat!

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