Visiting Textile Forum March 2012

Yesterday I went to the Textile Forum and it was pumping with people!! I’m sure last year wasn’t as busy. I had a good look around and there were some new/different companies than previously such as the Wool Mark Company. As before, JT Knitting showed a great range of knits and Laurent Garigue Partnership showed an interesting selection, as well as some lovely plain weaves and knits.

I noticed on the Textile Forum website they had a Trend Presentation for students on the 8th March prior to viewing the collections. What a great idea, I bet it was packed out. It’s great to see companies supporting new talent that will come into the fashion industry. I hope they do it again next season.

Back to the business side of things. I like the fact that the Textile Forum is focused on small businesses. Agents and Fabric companies offering low minimums of fabrics is great for the small British fashion business’. On top of this it is free entry to Textile Forum!

I would love for the Textile Forum to be a bit bigger with more fabric companies and have a few features like trend presentations.

Anyway, it was a successful visit for me and I sourced some great new fabrics.

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