Yesterday I made my first visit to Pure London. I was interested in seeing the set up of the event, the individual booth set ups and sizes as well as the overall atmosphere.

It was interesting to see how brands presented their stands and created a buzz around the clothing. I particularily loved the set up of Darling, they had a clear yet visually interesting space.

There was a great mix of long established brands such as Sticky Fingers, Fenn Wright Manson and with less known brands.

I felt the Premium section was quite small but I felt Goat’s collection stood out.

It was really great to see newer small brands and companies having space there. However there seemed a noticeable difference between the brands where larger budgets could afford large square footage and the smaller companies having spaces tucked away at the edge. Somehow I feel the lay out could be made a bit better to assist fledgling brands and attract visitors to their stands. Shell spaces for small and new brands could form a nice key walk way between prime space.

In addition to the exibitors there are catwalk shows and presentations about the trends for the season. A few snapshots of the day:

There seemed a good mix of brands who offered low minimums on orders and short runs which is great for the small boutiques who want to spread their budget between forward order and short order. Low minimums also give the boutiques a chance to try a brand in the mix without commiting large chunks of the season to it.

Personally if I was buying from this event I would need a couple of days. First day to browse and get some information and then second day to solidify orders and make decisions.

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