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Wow, I have been so busy….too busy to write anything cohesive on here!

It’s funny, I’m flapping that everything is taking too long but on the other-hand I couldn’t tell you when I could fit anything else in!

The coats arrived at the weekend, phew.

Thanks to Patrick’s hard work, they look amazing and I proudly have been wearing the sample around. Although, annoyingly and strangely the weather doesn’t seem quite cold enough for a wool cashmere coat as yet!! I just heard the weather report and it is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow, what is going on?

My business cards and postcards arrived just in time for the Every Woman conference yesterday I attended. Another close call for deadlines!

I put a lot of work into the business cards and went with Moo to produce the lot. How pleased I am with the results. I am taking some pictures tomorrow and posting them!

Working on the website, which is constantly changing and developing. I think it is organic and has to move with the company.

In the last week I finished a commissioned piece and got a lovely response from my client. So well worth all the effort.

So on to my next batch of work!


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