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Saville: Continuum

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Today I went around Soho and down Bleeker Street area. Lots of new shops have opened up down Bleeker Street but sadly I couldn’t see the great Marc Jacobs store that had all the little bits and pieces – looks like it’s turned into a Mulberry bag store now.

So I mooched in some shops, enjoyed a red velvet cup cake and also visited the Gagosian Gallery. I went to see the Jenny Saville exhibit, which I loved. One of my favorite artists, Saville has great drawing skills and this exhibit although small shows some great new works.I tried to go to the great little gallery Neue Gallery which has some stunning works from Schiele and Klimt, kadinsky and Klee. Sadly though I always forget the gallery is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But the cafe is really nice and I checked out the gift shop. You should definitely check out the gallery when your in NYC, last time I went, it was great.


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