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Out of the blue came the potential for another pop up  shop! But this one is looking to be a bit different to the others! Basically for one week we will be a shop within a fashion shop. I am very excited about this and we have lots of exciting ideas in the pipeline for this very central London pop up shop!

Stay tuned for more news and updates about this!


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Friday Fashion Inspiration Exploration

I eventually found the time to go to the Fashion and Textile Museum current exhibition ‘Artist Textiles: Picasso to Warhol’ on Friday!

It actually turned out to be very relevant time for me as I’m currently working on some print designs.

I wanted to share some of my favorites from the exhibition with you but not all – you really need to go see for yourself!! It’s on until 17th May so you have plenty of time still !! There is so many lovely prints to see and a big variety of styles as well – it is hard to pick favorites!

Follow the Print Design Trends:

The exhibition starts between 1910 and 1939 with work by Fauvist, Fururist and Constructivist artists who became involved in textile design.

It then moves on to the 1940s ‘Brave new world’ textile designs – following the 2nd World War where they focused on creating exports to boost the British economy.

In the 1940s the Surrealism movement starts and you see work by Dali – one of the most popular and fashionable.

Henry Matisse: 'Echarpe No 1' 1947

Henry Matisse: ‘Echarpe No 1′ 1947




Marcel Vertes: 'Vegetable Patch' Screen-printed silk head scarf 1944

Marcel Vertes: ‘Vegetable Patch’ Screen-printed silk head scarf 1944





We then move onto the 1950s and this has several different styles going on. Many artists were involved into print design from Miro to Henry Moore. The exhibition ends on some wonderful prints by Warhol.

Andy Warhol: 'Ice Cream Sundaes' Screen Printed cotton fashion textiles 1962

Andy Warhol: ‘Ice Cream Sundaes’ Screen Printed cotton fashion textiles 1962

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol









If you’ve never been to the Fashion and Textiles Museum you’ll be pleasantly surprised by it. With reasonable entry prices, interesting display layouts and a cute little cafe – it’s hard to beat. Oh yea and it’s a 5 min walk from London Bridge: perfect if you work that end of town and you fancy some culture post work.

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Don’t be a Fool

Do you do pranks in the office? Have you ever had someone do an Aprils Fools joke on you?

I think the harmless ones like these work well, but wow they must have taken a lot of time to do!!

Post - it office prank - can't imagine how long this took! Love this very designer post it note prank!!

Office Pranks - Wrapping up chair and desk!!










Some Hoaxes from the past here:

Note to self – Book 1st April off work!!

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Does your working environment reflect your personality?

Does your office or studio reflect your personality or style?
Add a few key pieces that will make your work space a nicer place to be!

Do you like an eclectic individual look?

Be Individual

or prefer an elegant vintage style?

Be Elegant

Or maybe you love the neutral tones of the Scandinavian Style:

Do Scandi Style

Perhaps you want to get back to nature with some wild prints and natural materials:

GO Wild

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Networking in Galleries – a great conversation starter

The other evening I tried a new networking group. I chose to go to this meeting as it was in the Whitechapel Gallery, to see a preview evening of the new exhibition on show Hannah Hoch. (click on the link for a great little video talk about the artist)

Felt a bit guilty as I like to try all galleries out – especially in the location I live, and I’d never been to the Whitechapel Gallery before!

I also had never heard of Hannah Hoch before. Hannah Hoch worked in collage and spliced together fashion magazines and journals.  Considering the fact she used fashion magazines/images in such a creative way, it is strange that I had not been introduced to her work in College or University.

Hoch’s work spanned 60 years from 1910 to the 1970s. It was an impressive body of work they showed and it is the first major exhibition of her work in the UK.

Such an interesting woman whose work has a humor and also a commentary on the world around her. She challenges stereotypes  in her works but also asks questions about society during times of huge change in the world.

photo 1 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 4 photo 5 (2)

Living in Berlin during its many periods of change from being part of the Dada movement and challenging the worlds perceptions through her art works to surviving as an artist through the Second World War.

I would definitely recommend this as an exhibition to go see. It’s on until the 23rd March – still lots of time! (They do late evening openings on Thursdays)

Article from Brian Dillon on the Guardian website

A small bio on Hoch

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Where can I go for a pancake breakfast?

Afternoon Tea


Where can I go for my pancake fill? As always, I have food on the brain!

Every year I think… “mmm I will make pancakes for breakfast” and every year I forget. This year I’m thinking I won’t have time with so much going on in the business. So I’ve done a little research into places to go. (Note to self it’s Shrove Tuesday on 4th March!!)
If I’m near Richmond Upon Thames then I could do pancakes in a traditional French styley:

In Covent Garden The Delauney’s brunch menu range offers pancakes with fillings such as blueberries and creme fresh or plum and cinnamon compote.

Apparently – Clerkenwell is becoming or has become THE breakfast destination. If you have the time to visit The Modern Pantry between 8am and 11am on pancake day and you could try this delicious sounding pancake…

Raspberry & ricotta pancakes, berry & liquorice compote, crème fraiche. This interestingly states please allow 20 minutes…
Who can wait that long for a pancake!!!?
Breakfast somewhere fancy? How about CUT at 45 Park Lane? They have buttermilk pancakes on their menu with whipped maple butter and seasonal berries with the option to add sausage or streaky bacon!
Have you tried The Cookbook Cafe? There website offers starter breakfast brunch menu which includes all these goodies:

Waffles and pancakes with maple syrup, chocolate sauce, berry compote or clotted cream, omelettes and poached eggs to order.

If that wasn’t enough the drinks are endless!!: Cremant, Bellinis, Sparkling Cremant, water, tea and coffee!!

If you are near Liverpool street and you want to go more American styley how about trying The Breakfast Club.

So much choice. Let’s see where I end up!


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Your secret baking desires could become reality!


My attempt at Macarons!

If you like me LOVED the Great British Bake off or find yourself a little bit addicted to the cooking programmes on tv perhaps it is time your tried your hand at cooking something more adventurous?


My tasty but not perfect Macarons!

One day I decided that I really wanted to perfect making macarons. They are not the hardest thing you’ll ever make but it seemed to be getting the stars to aline regarding the oven time, temperature and height in the oven plus what I actually put them on. I think a lesson might have helped!

Macaroon 4

Eating yummy Laudree Macarons

I am still to get them to look like those at Laudree but they were still delicious!

I’m always looking to develop new skills and try new things. For Christmas I was given an ice-cream maker and I’ve been making some delicious Italian Gelatos and Sorbettos (they disappear so fast there is no time for pictures!). Following on from my self improvement blog post on makeup classes, I decided to take a look and see what courses there are in London to help us become great cooks or bakers.

If you are looking to learn some new cooking skills then take a look at Atelier des Chefs – they offer a wide range of length lessons in a wide range such as French to Thai or desserts to burgers.

You could even book a corporate event there or perhaps a work do that could be a great team building exercise. Conveniently located at St Pauls and Oxford Circus.

Another place to take a look at that does a full range of classes is Cookery School at Little Portland Street. Their courses cover a full range of topics and you can do a single class to a series of classes. A single class could be a great taster or brilliant if you are so busy with work and home life that you cannot commit to a series of classes.

Perhaps you want to focus on baking. Bake With Maria is a baking school that aims to teach you how to create amazing baked goods that you can replicate at home – so, no fancy equipment you might not already own. They’re located in St Johns Wood. You can have a private party and/or do a class in bread, cake or pastries!

If you fancy learning how to decorate cakes then Cookie Girl based in North West London is available to teach you just that. Perhaps you want to make some amazing cupcakes for your little girls birthday with very personalised decoration – this could be just the class for you. They do classes, hen parties and team building so take your pick!

Fancy trying out making some delicious Sour Dough or other lovely Artisan Bread you’ve been trying at the bakers? Try out CoCoa and Heart’s introduction to Artisan Bread Making. Located in South East London/Kent borders you’ll be taught by a home baker (with over 16 years experience) – so no scary chef! You could learn a range of bread making techniques, make some chocolates or cakes.

If you want to take this to a whole new level then why not book a holiday where you will learn to make something new. Why not make sorbetto or gelato in Italy? Go to Sorrento for  five days and learn a new skill. At Go Learn To  they have many other holidays with different learning experiences.

All this food talk is making me hungry!


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